Sri Lanka towards eliminating Child Labour

National Steering Committee on Elimination of Child Labour was formed by the Ministry of Labour, to realize the goal of a child labour free country. The government of Sri Lanka has pledged to end Worst Forms of Child Labour by year 2022 and to Eliminate Child Labour by 2025.

The Committee comprises of higher officials representing Government Ministries and Departments working towards the safety, protection, welfare and development of children. Further it also includes United Nations (UN) Organizations such as International Labour Organization (ILO) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

During the committee meeting held on 20 July 2020, it was decided to appoint a Technical Committee to prepare a road map in achieving the target of eliminating child labour from Sri Lanka.

The first technical committee meeting was held on 08 December 2020. It was decided to assess the child labour situation in Sri Lanka, which is expected to help in the realization of shared goal of child labour elimination by member institutions. This will enable the authorities to take decisions based on sectors and divisions specifically.

Whilst giving due consideration for the miscommunication which takes place in the society on “Child Labour”, the committee decided to conduct awareness on“Child labour” accordingly by excluding activities which help children to develop their skills. While considering the Government’s policy which introduced the Decade of Skill Development (2021-2030), it was discussed to promote skill development as a part of child’s education.

Sri Lanka is a path finder country of the '8.7 Global alliance' which actively works towards achieving the sustainable development goal 8.7 by the year 2025.In this context, it was further decided that the National Steering Committee on Elimination of Child Labour will also function as the 8.7 alliance working group of Sri Lanka.

In addition the committee will be implementing a series of programmes this year to mark the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour -2021, as was declared at the UN General Assembly.

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Last Updated on Friday, 08 January 2021 10:59