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  • Index. EDIT 2010 july 15

New Acts

  • Industrial Dispute (Amendment) Act No.39 of 2011
  • Employee's Provident Fund (Amendment) Act No.02 of 2012
  • National Minimum Wage of Workers Act No.03 of 2016
  • Budgetary Relief Allowance of Workers Act No.04 of 2016

Chapter 01

  • Industrial Disputes Act I
  • Idustrial Disputes Act II
  • Industrial Disputes (Hearing & Determination of Proceeding)
  • Trade Unions Ordinance I
  • Trade Unions Ordinance II
  • Termination of Employment of Workmen
  • Employee's Councils I
  • Employee's Councils II

Chapter 02

  • Wages Boards Ordinance
  • Shop and office employees
  • Employment of Trainees (Private Sector)
  • Budgetary Relief Allowance of Workers (No.1)
  • Budgetary Relief Allowance of Workers (No.2)
  • Budgetary Relief Allowance of Workers Act

Chapter 03

  • Employment of Female in Mines Ordinance
  • Maternity Benefits Ordinance I
  • Maternity Benefits Ordinance II
  • Employment of women young person and ch I
  • Employment of women young person and ch II

Chapter 04

  • Factories Ordinance I
  • Factories Ordinance II
  • Workmen's compensation II
  • Workmen's compensation II

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