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The Central Library is located in the ground floor of the southern wing of the Labour Secretariat. It is opened from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. daily on working days.In 1968 it was upgraded as a specialized research library. Now it has become a Supra Grade Library in the field of Labour studies. In addition to the Central Library, 32 small libraries have been established at District Labour Officers, under the Shramabimani Project. These District Labour Office Libraries are maintained under the Central Library.

Scope of the collection

The library's collection of books and periodicals cover the fields of Industrial Relations, Labour Legislations, Labour Economics, Social Dialogue, Women and Children Affairs, Workers Education, Working Conditions, Gender Education and Social Welfare. The Library is possessed with a collection of ILO publications, ILO Regional Office publications and many other relevant foreign publications related to Labour matters.

The reference collections consists of Dictionaries, Directories, Labour Laws, complete sets of Acts, Sessional papers, New Law Reports, Sri Lanka Law Reports, Labour Gazettes and ILO collections.


Lending (for staff only)/ Reference/ Inter library loans/ Mini library services/ Current awareness services/ Photocopying services/ Literature searches on requests/ Referral services.

Affiliated Networks

SAARC Information Network/ SLSTINET/ILIS/EBank.Network

Information Retrieval Facilities

Manual catalogue/ Computer base retrieval system Library operations and services have been computerized using CDS/ISIS, WINISIS and PURNA software packages.


  • SLDL Database - current publications incorporating the local, foreign and ILO publications received by the Library.
  • DLCA Database - An Index of Collective Agreements from 1953 upto date.
  • CASES Database - An Index of Labour Cases in Sri Lanka published in the SLLR

The Departmental Library is used by the members of the permanent staff coming under the Ministry of Labour and Labour Relations.

Contact Details

Librarian - Tel. No. 011-2508974    Email Address : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Finance Division

Main task of the finance division of the department of labour is the spending of all financial allocations for re current & capital expenditure of the department, which have been allocated by the budget, in accordance with financial regulations, and maintenance of accounts related to expenditure and to send financial statements to the treasury.

Contact Details

Designation Telephone Number
Commissioner of Labour (finance) (+94)11 2581393
Assistant commissioner of labour (+94)11 2369910
Assistant commissioner of labour (+94)11 2581415


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Administration Division

This section executes all functions under the subject of establishment for the internal staff of the Department of Labour.

This section is responsible for all functions under the subject of establishment for the internal staff of the Department of Labour. i.e. Appointments, Promotions, Approving Annual Increments, Retirements, Annual transfers, Getting approval for newly created posts, Recruitment for departmental posts, preparing schemes of recruitment, holding Efficiency Bar examinations, Disciplinary matters, Preparing Annual and Quarterly reports regarding the carder of the Department.

This section provides services only to the internal staff of the Department.


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Please Send your application along with other Essential Informaton to Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Trade Union Relations,  Colombo-05, Sri Lanka. For further information contact us on 011-2368609 (Mr.A.Wimalaweera -Senior Asst. Secretary- Foreign Relations)

Contact Numbers


Telephone Numbers

Commissioner of Labour (Administration)


Deputy Commissioner of Labour (Administration)


Assistant Commissioner of Labour (Establishment)



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Labour Statictics Division

The Statistics Division of the Department of Labour is continued with its task of collecting statistics pertaining to the field of Labour of the organized sector of the country.

Main Activities of the Statistics Division

The Statistics Division of the Department of Labour is responsible for collecting, analyzing and compiling of statistical data pertaining to employment, wages, hours of work ect. and also this division attends to tabulation of various Administrative Records as well as computation of Wage Rate Indices. These data are collected by conducting two major surveys annually and bi-annually.

(1) Surveys conducted by this Division

  • Annual Employment Survey
  • Average Earnings and Hours Work Survey

(2) Other Important Activities

  • Computation of Index Numbers for main Sectors of the economy
  • Computation of minimum Wage Rate Indices based monthly minimum wages fixed by the Commissioner General of Labour under the Wages Board Ordinance
  • Preparing Annual Reports & Publications
  • Annual Employment Survey Report
  • Labour Statistics of Sri Lanka
  • Data release regularly to;
  • International Labour Organization
  • Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  • Department of Census & Statistics & Other Organizations

(3) Other Duties

  • To assist the Ministry and the Department, conducting Surveys, Compilation and dissemination of Labour Statistics
  • Maintenance of Establishment Register covering more than 5 paid employees of all ACCL divisions of the country

**Forms not necessary to collect the information from the Statistics Division

Service to Public
Statistical information related to Labour is available for Data users, Policy planners & Researchers etc.

Contact Details

  1. Deputy Director : (+94)11 2369207
  2. Fax : (+94)11 2369207
  3. Statistician & Statistical Officers : (+94)11 2587632
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Planning, Research, Training and Publication Division

The mission of the Planning, Research, Training and Publication Division is build skilled officers to enhance productivity of the Department, prepare plans to establish industrial peace and assist in making policies, data collection and conducting researches.

Planning and Research

The division prepares the Action Plan in the order to provide a systematic guideline for the activities of the Department and follows up the quarterly progress of these activities which enable the various Division of the Department to gain a proper knowledge of their duties. Ti also enables them to achieve the targeted performance in occasion where there are deviations.
Furthermore, the PRT Division inspects monthly diaries of the Labour officers to check the qualitative ness of Labour inspections throughout the island and provides guide lines to correct the problems identified in the inspection procedure. The Division co-ordinates the progress monitoring session help on a zonal level.


This Division co-ordinate all the training affairs of the Department. The trainings are mainly involved with the following.

  1. In-service training programmers of the apprentice offices attached to the Department.
  2. Training programmers related to Labour inspections. Industrial Disputes and various Labour Acts and ordinances for the Assistantcommissioners of Labour and Labour officers.
  3. Training programmers on cases related to Labour.
  4. Training programmers for the Management Assistant officers.
  5. Training programmers for the Departmental engineers.
  6. Training programmers for the drivers and junior workers.
  7. Sending officers to Training programmers held at SLIDA, Public Service Training Institute and other external institutions.
  8. Computer Training Programmers for all the officers of the Department (The Division comprises of a computer Laboratory with 25 computers.)
  9. Presenting officers of the department for Post Graduate Degrees and Diplomas.
  10. Sending officers for English and Tamil courses of the Department of official languages.


The following Acts and ordinances are published for the Department by this Division.

  1. The Industrial Disputes Act- No.43 of 1950
  2. The Employees Provident Fund Act No. 15 of 1958
  3. The shop and office Act No.19 of 1954
  4. Wages Boards Ordinance No.27 of 1941
  5. Maternity Benefits Ordinance No.32 of 1939
  6. Payment of Gratuity Act No.12 of 1983
  7. Factories Ordinance No.45 of 1942
  8. Termination of Employment (Special Provisions) Act No.45 of 1971
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