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Human Resources Development Division

Following programmes are conducted by the Human Resources Development Division to enhance Industrial Peace & Workplace cooperation through Social Dialogue.

  • Social Dialogue Promoting Programmes for Managers and Employees in Private Sector.
  • Social Dialogue Promoting Programmes for Managers and Employees in Semi Government institutes.
  • Labour Law Awareness Programmes for Women workers in Plantation Sector.
  • Advisory Council Meetings conducted by Zonal and District Labour Offices.
  • Implant Social Dialogue Promoting Programmes conducted by District and Sub Labour Offices.
  • All Island Art Competition for Employers and Employees in the Private and Semi government Sectors.
  • Social Dialogue Excellent Award Competition.

For further information:-

Human Resources Development Division

Department of Labour


Colombo 05

Telephone:- 011 2500065 , 011 2586313

Fax:- 011 2586313

Email :- dolsocial@sltnet.lk

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Special Investigations Division

The objective of the establishment of Special Investigations Division is to investigate the complaints receiving through various channels.

The following categories of inspections conducted by the Division;

  1. Urgent Inspections
  2. Sectorwise inspections in selected sectors In addition to that the Division is entrusted to implement, Duties pertaining to complaints on Human Rights Commission, Ombudsman's Office, and Parliamentary Public Petitions Committee Responsibility to prepare reports to submit to the Parliamentary Consultative Committee
  3. Special duties assigned by the Hon. Minster of Labour, Secretary to the Ministry of Labour and Commissioner General of Labour

Contact Details

Designation Telephone Numbers
Commissioner of Labour (Development) +94 11 2369295
Assistant Commissioner of Labour (Special Investigation) +94 11 2369115
Assistant Commissioner of Labour (Special Investigation) +94 11 2369959


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Industrial Safety Division

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Our main objective is to ensure the Safety, Health and Welfare at each and every work place by enforcing the Factories Ordinance No 45 of 1942 with subsequent amendments. Our services are decentralised through ten District factory inspection Engineer's offices at Anuradhapura, Badulla, Colombo, Gampaha, Galle, Jaffna, Kaluthara, Kandy, Kurunegala and Ratnapura.

Main Functions of the Division

Enforcement of the Factories Ordinance to ensure Safety, Health & Welfare of workers in factories through following activities.

  • Enforcement and implementation of Factories Ordinance
  • Inspection of factories
  • Apporval of building plans
  • Attend Coroners court to give expert evidence
  • Investigation of complaints
  • Investigation of accidents
  • Institute legal actions
  • Conduct Safety awareness programs to prevent accidents
  • Analysis of accidents
  • Appointment of Authorized Officers
  • Issue of certificates under the Factories Ordinance
  • Making of Safety posters, Leaflets, Short films

The other Important activities

  • Advisory services for improvement of work environment in factories
  • Participation in national committees with regard to Occupational safety & Health
  • Safety auditing of factories
  • Preparation of curriculum on Safety, Health & Welfare for educational institutions such as CIDA, NAITA, NIBM, NIPM...

Legal Background / Act and Ordinance related to above activities

Existing Legislation

  • Factories Ordinance No.45 of 1942


  • Factories (Amendment) Ordinance No.22 of 1946
  • Factories (Amendment) Act No.54 of 1961
  • Factories (Amendment) Law No.12 of 1976
  • Factories (Amendment) Act No.18 of 1998
  • Factories (Amendment) Act No.33 of 2000
  • Factories (Amendment) Act No.19 of 2002

In addition to the above following regulations are also in effective

  • Factories (No.1) Regulations 1960
  • Factories (Sanitary Conveniences) Regulations 1965
  • Factories (Dangerous Occurrences Notification) Regulations 1965
  • Factories (Washing facilities General) Regulations 1965
  • Factories (General Standards of Lighting) Regulations 1965
  • Factories (Meal Room) Regulations 1965
  • Factories (Steam Boiler Attendants Certificates of competency) Regulations 1965
  • Factories (Notifiable Industrial Diseases) Regulations 1972
  • Factories (Protection of Eyes) Regulations 1979
  • Factories (First Aid) Regulations 1995
  • Leaflet on first aid

(Legislations and regulations are available for reference only at the general library of the Department of Labour)

Related documents (Forms)

  1. Registration form - CFIE-4
  2. Accident notification form - Form-10
  3. Accident Follow up form - CFIE-1
  4. Format of the general register- Form-11
  5. Notice of dangerous occurrences- Form-12
  6. Notice of industrial diseases- Form-13

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