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The Department of Labour, Library which consists of written, printed and audiovisual mediums is the only specialized research library in Sri Lanka covering the subject of field of labour.

It is located on the ground floor of the Department of Labour and is open from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. on working days for readers.

Membership :All the Officers in the Department of Labour, Ministry of Labour & Trade Union Relations and its affiliated institutions and Employees’ Trust Fund Board are the permanent members of the library.


  1. Lending service
  2. Reference service
  3. Photocopying service
  4. Collection of paper cuttings
  5. Current contents service
  6. Inter-library loan service

Contact details

Mrs. F.R.A.Jiffry

(Chief Librarian)

Contact Number: 0112508974

Email Address: library_dl@yahoo.com

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Finance Division

Main task of the finance division of the department of labour is the spending of all financial allocations for re current & capital expenditure of the department, which have been allocated by the budget, in accordance with financial regulations, and maintenance of accounts related to expenditure and to send financial statements to the treasury.

Contact Details

Designation Telephone Number
Commissioner of Labour (finance) (+94)11 2581393
Assistant commissioner of labour (+94)11 2369910
Assistant commissioner of labour (+94)11 2581415


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Administration Division


Administration division handles all the general administration tasks related to the Department of Labour. All the daily tasks needed for the efficient performance of various divisions under the Department of Labour, Zonal Labour offices, District Labour offices, Sub Labour offices and District Factory Engineering offices are under the purview of the administration division.

Main Functions

  • Acquisition of land for the Department of Labour, construction of buildings and maintenance, payment of rentals for lands and buildings.
  • Settlement of bills for contractual services and maintenance
  • Assigning vehicles owned by the Department of Labour, maintenance and the tasks related to transport facilities
  • Taking necessary actions for the complaint received under ‘Tell the president’ programme
  • Responding to the information requests received under the Right to Information Act
  • Forwarding the insurance complaints and claim applications received under Agrahara Insurance Scheme
  • Issuing departmental identity cards
  • Approving fortnight programmes, travelling expenses and holiday payments of staff officers, and forwarding extra overtime requests to the secretary to the ministry for approval
  • Forwarding the letters received from the post to each division and forwarding the letters received from each division to the postal department
  • General administration of the external security and cleaning services
  • General administration of the press owned by the Department of Labour located at Jawaththa premises
  • Organizing special programmes conducted by the Department of Labour

Contact details

Additional Commissioner General of Labour (Administration)

011 - 2581970

Commissioner of Labour (Admin)

011 – 2368253

Deputy Commissioner of Labour (Admin)

011 - 2368063

Assistant Commissioner of Labour (Admin)

011 - 2582709

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Labour Statistics Division

The Statistics Division of the Department of Labour is continued with its task of collecting statistics pertaining to the field of Labour of the organized sector of the country.

Main Activities of the Statistics Division

The Statistics Division of the Department of Labour is responsible for collecting, analyzing and compiling of statistical data pertaining to employment, wages, hours of work ect. and also this division attends to tabulation of various Administrative Records as well as computation of Wage Rate Indices. These data are collected by conducting two major surveys annually and bi-annually.

(1)Surveys conducting by this Division

  • Annual Employment Survey Sri Lanka
  • The Survey on Hours of Actually Worked & Average Earnings

(2)Other Important Activities

  • Computation of Index Numbers for main Sectors of the Economy
  • Computation of Minimum Wage Rate Indices based monthly minimum wages fixed by the Commissioner General of Labour under the Wages Boards Ordinance
  • Preparing Statistical Annual Reports & Publications
  • Annual Employment Survey Report
  • Hours of Actually Worked & Average Earnings Report
  • Labour Statistics of Sri Lanka
  • Data release regularly to ,
  • Department of Census and Statistics
  • Central Bank of Sri Lanka

(3)Other Duties

  • To assist the Ministry and the Department for conducting Surveys, compilation and dissemination of Labour Statistics
  • Maintenance of new registration information of Establishments, which are ready to contribute EPF covering all Assistant Labour Commissioner divisions of the country.

Service to Public

Statistical information related to Labour may be provided by making a request.

Contact Details

Deputy Director :(+94)112676114

Fax :(+94)112676114

Statistician :(+94)112676113

Statistical Officers :(+94)112676112

Email : labourst@sltnet.lk

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Planning Research Training and Publication Division

The Mission

The mission of the Planning Research Training and Publication (PRT) is to build skilled officers to enhance productivity of the department, prepare plans to establish industrial peace and assist in making policies, data collection and conducting researches, formulation of annual plans, midterm and long term plans.

PRT division prepares action plans in order to provide a systematic guideline for the activities of department and follows up the quarterly progress of above activities which enable the various divisions of the department. Inspects monthly diaries of labour officers to check the quality of labour inspections throughout the country and provides guidelines to correct problems.


Division coordinates all training activities of the department. Mainly involved with the followings.

  • In service training programs of the apprentice offices attached to the department
  • Trainings related to labour inspections
  • Trainings on cases related to labour
  • Trainings for management assistants
  • Trainings for departmental engineers
  • Trainings for drivers and minor staff
  • Sending officers to training programmes held at SLIDA and other external institutes
  • Computer trainings for all the officers of the department. (The division comprises of a computer laboratory with 25 computers)


The following Acts and ordinances are published for the department by PRT Division

  • The Industrial Disputes Act No.43 Of 1950
  • The Employees Provident Fund Act No.15 Of 1958
  • The Shop and Office Act No.19 Of 1954
  • Wages Board Ordinance No.27 Of 1941
  • Maternity Benefits Ordinance No.32 Of 1939
  • Payment of Gratuity Act No.12 Of 1983
  • Factories Ordinance No.45 Of 1942
  • Termination of Employment Act No.45 Of 1971

The Division conducting a computerized programme called LISA which is implemented and funded by International Labour Organization to strengthen the labour inspections by using new technology for effective and accurate output

The Division possesses the 'Seethawaka human resource development and training centre' which equipped with training facilities, ideal for seminars, conferences and corporate events.

Contact Details

Commissioner – PRT

06th floor, Department of Labour,

Colombo 05

General: +94112582647

LISA Unit: +94112582954

Fax: +94112504208

Email: prtlabour@gmail.com

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