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Planning Research Training and Publication Division

The Mission

The mission of the Planning Research Training and Publication (PRT) is to build skilled officers to enhance productivity of the department, prepare plans to establish industrial peace and assist in making policies, data collection and conducting researches, formulation of annual plans, midterm and long term plans.

PRT division prepares action plans in order to provide a systematic guideline for the activities of department and follows up the quarterly progress of above activities which enable the various divisions of the department. Inspects monthly diaries of labour officers to check the quality of labour inspections throughout the country and provides guidelines to correct problems.


Division coordinates all training activities of the department. Mainly involved with the followings.

  • In service training programs of the apprentice offices attached to the department
  • Trainings related to labour inspections
  • Trainings on cases related to labour
  • Trainings for management assistants
  • Trainings for departmental engineers
  • Trainings for drivers and minor staff
  • Sending officers to training programmes held at SLIDA and other external institutes
  • Computer trainings for all the officers of the department. (The division comprises of a computer laboratory with 25 computers)


The following Acts and ordinances are published for the department by PRT Division

  • The Industrial Disputes Act No.43 Of 1950
  • The Employees Provident Fund Act No.15 Of 1958
  • The Shop and Office Act No.19 Of 1954
  • Wages Board Ordinance No.27 Of 1941
  • Maternity Benefits Ordinance No.32 Of 1939
  • Payment of Gratuity Act No.12 Of 1983
  • Factories Ordinance No.45 Of 1942
  • Termination of Employment Act No.45 Of 1971

The Division conducting a computerized programme called LISA which is implemented and funded by International Labour Organization to strengthen the labour inspections by using new technology for effective and accurate output

The Division possesses the 'Seethawaka human resource development and training centre' which equipped with training facilities, ideal for seminars, conferences and corporate events.

Contact Details

Commissioner – PRT

06th floor, Department of Labour,

Colombo 05

General: +94112582647

LISA Unit: +94112582954

Fax: +94112504208

Email: prtlabour@gmail.com

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