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Enforcement Division

The main function of this Division is handling legal matters pertaining to the Department of Labour. The officers of the division have to study the cases, including the violation of labour laws by employers, referred to the division by district Assistant Commissioner of Labour and heads of other divisions and attend to all matters regarding the filling of action in courts and also advised the district Assistant Commissioners on the action to be taken.

In cases where the division file actions, matters such as preparation of plaints/ charge sheets, affidavits, submission, counter submissions etc. are attended to by the division, in addition to appearing on behalf of the Commissioner General of Labour.

Coordination with Attorney Generals Department in the case of litigation in District Courts, High Courts, Commercial High Courts, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, assist the Attorney General while representing the Commissioner General of Labour.

In addition, the Enforcement Division write to the Attorney Generals Department regarding the legal opinions for legal matters of Department of Labour.

Providing Legal advices to the Department's Officers.

Duties relevant to the amendment of the Labour Legislation when necessary.

Contact Details

Designation Telephone Numbers
Commissioner of Labour (Enforcement) + 94 11 2104809
Deputy Commissioner of Labour (Enforcement) + 94 11 2104872
Assistant Commissioner (Enforcement) + 94 11 2104806
Legal Division + 94 11 2104875

Designation Telephone Numbers
Mr. A.P.G.K. Amarasinghe (Legal Officer) + 94 11 2104808
Mr. P. Vidanapathirana (Legal Officer) + 94 11 2104807
Miss. D.C.Yasanthi (Legal Officer) + 94 11 2104805
Miss. H.D.Disanayaka (Legal Officer) + 94 112104874
Mr. K.G. Kumarasinghe (Legal Officer) + 94 11 2104804
Mr. S.I.C. Ranasinghe (Legal Officer) + 94 11 2104803
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