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Industrial Relations Division


The functions carried out by the Division are maintenance of industrial peace through better employer-workmen relationships by resolving industrial disputes which might arise in future or those which have arisen or prevention of disputes between employer and workmen, personal benefits for employer and workmen and contribute in uplifting the national economy in general.

Laws entrusted:

  • Industrial Disputes Act, No:43 of 1950
  • Payment of Gratuity Act, No:12 of 1983

Mechanisms to settle industrial disputes:

  • Collective Agreements
  • Settlement by Conciliation
  • Arbitration
    • Voluntary Arbitration
    • Compulsory Arbitration
  • Industrial Court

Services rendered to the public:

  • Inquire into complaints on industrial disputes and settlement and if unable to settle forward for arbitration
  • Instructions to employers and workmen under the Industrial Dispute Act
  • Providing clarifications, instructions and decisions on the payment of gratuity
  • Publishing the Collective Agreements in the Gazette

Contact Details of the Industrial Relations Division:

Commissioner of Labour: 0112582608

Deputy Commissioner of Labour: 0112368966/ 0112368502

Assistant Commissioner of Labour: 0112368114/ 0112368035

Industrial Relations Division: 0112369484

Fax: 0112582608

Industrial Relations Division

7th Floor

Department of Labour

Labour Secretariat

Colombo 05

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