Press Release

The Department of Labour has been compelled to deliver the services to the public continuously through its island -wide Labour offices using remote communication methods mentioned in the official website of the department, considering the health guidelines issued by the government and under the remote working arrangements implemented by the government institutions in order to contain the covid-19 virus. Accordingly, public can submit any written complaint or written inquiry regarding any matter related to labour laws, to the labour office of the area in which the respective workplace is situated.

For this purpose, you can obtain the Telephone numbers and E-mail addresses of those offices through this link.

It is further informed that written inquiries can be made to each division located at the Head office of the Department of Labour through the communication methods mentioned in the table below.


With a view to delivering an uninterrupted service to the public the Department has provided the facility of diverting calls which are received during office hours to the office phones of the executive officers, to mobile phones of them, and the respective contact details can be obtained through this link.

Accordingly, kindly request to obtain the services on office days during the office hours (8.30am-4.15pm) through the above communication methods at every possible instance, without visiting the office, in order to restrict public movements.

Commissioner General of Labour

Department of Labour

Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 January 2021 11:22