The Department of Labour was started under the Indian Immigrant Labour Ordinance No. 01 of 1923, with the objective of providing welfare for migrant Indian estate labourers.

With the Gradual Realization of the Importance of the local labour force, activities pertaining to the security and welfare of Labour Force were entrusted on a Labour Controller. Later, the Post of Labour Controller was Changed in to the Commissioner of Labour, and in 1994, the post of Commissioner General of Labour was created with comprehensive powers. The legislature has taken steps to pass about 50 basic legislations during the past 94 year period towards the welfare and protection of the Labour Force. The fundamental function of the Department of Labour is to implement these legislations. For this purpose, these functions are implemented Under 13 Principal Divisions of the Department, and in addition to that, 11 Zonal Labour Offices, 40 District Labour Offices, 17 Sub-Labour offices and 10 District Factory Inspection Engineering Offices are Functioning.

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