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Referring Complaints/ Petitions on Children and Women Under the Labour Laws

Complaint / petition should include the following.

  • Basic matters required for an investigation
  • Name and address of the institution.
  • Facts relevant to the complaint in brief.

Forwarding Methods
Step 1
Please forward your complaint first to the Labour Office of the area in which your place of work is situated.
If no reasonable solution is received please refer your complaint to the Commissioner of Labour of the Children and Women’s Division. Complaints can be made over the telephone or by being present personally.

Forms: No specimen form has been designed

Step by Step Procedure

Step 1: Making complaint to District Labour Office.
Step 2: Investigations by the District Labour Office
Step 3: Summoning the two parties
Step 4: Clarification of the legal position.

File action it no action is taken according to the law.

Step 1: Submission of complaints to the Women’s and Children’s Affairs Division, Labour Secretariat, Narahenpita.
Step 2: Inquiry to be held by the Women’s and Children’s Affairs Division.
Step 3: Summon both the parties for the inquiry.
Step 4: Conducting the inquiry.
Step 5: Clarification of the legal position
Step 6: If advice given is not accepted, action to be taken to file a case.

Period to be Taken for the Service

Period required for the procedure :
There is no specified period. The period is to be decided upon the nature of the complaint and as to how the parties participate in the investigations.

Submission of Complaints
Complaints can be handed over to the office personally on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Opening Hours From 9:00 a.m - 12 noon and 1:30 p.m - 4:30 p.m.
Closed on all public holidays.

Expenditure relating to the service: No expenditure is incurred.

Fees: No fee is charged.

Other Charges: No other charges

Supporting Documents: No supporting documents are required.

Service Responsibilities

Designation Name Division Address Telephone Fax E-mail
Commissioner of Labour Mr. D.P.K.R. Weerakoon
Women’s and Children’s Affaris 7th floor, Department of Labour, Colombo 5.


+94-11-2850556 commwca@labourdept.gov.lk
Deputy Commissioner of Labour Mrs. D. A. Premawathie Women’s and Children’s Affaris 7th floor, Department of Labour, Colombo 5.


+94-11-2850556 -
Assistant Commissioner of Labour Mrs. W. A. Premalatha Women’s and Children’s Affaris 7th floor, Department of Labour, Colombo 5.



Special cases: No special cases

Specimen form with Specimen Data: No specimen forms.

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