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Payment of Employees’ Provident Fund Benefits in the event of Death of the member


Heirs can be obtained benefits in the event of death of the member.

  • If the member is unmarried, benefits will be paid to nominees or in the absence of nominees, benefits will be paid to heirs
  • If the member is married, benefits will be paid to valid nominee or in the absence of a nominee benefits will be paid to spouse and/or children

Method of submitting application

Places where application form could be obtained:-

Application can be obtained from “L” branch on the 8th floor of the Head office or every zonal office by producing Employees’ provident fund membership numbers, National Identity Card (if any) / National Identity Card number and death certificate & here

Payment for application. :-

No charge

Time to submit application:-

Completed application form should, by the member himself/herself, be handed over to the nearest District labour office or labour sub office in the district where he/she resides, during the office hours of a working day.

Fees paying to obtain this service

No service charge

Period taken to provide the Service (Ordinary Service and Priority Service)

01 month, if all documents are completed

Necessary Supporting documents

  • All the heirs of the deceased person should produce form “L” separately
  • Completed application forms, Death certificate, copies of the National Identity card of the member and heirs and other documents request according to the case

Staff Officers in charge of the Service






Assistant Commissioner of Labour

L Division





Exceptions, instances not included above and special information

If there are shortcomings in the documents, such matters can be discussed with the Deputy Commissioner of Labour or Assistant Commissioner of Labour of the Labour office to which the application is handed over.

Application Form

Required application forms can be downloaded here

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