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Labour Statistics Division

The Statistics Division of the Department of Labour is continued with its task of collecting statistics pertaining to the field of Labour of the organized sector of the country.

Main Activities of the Statistics Division

The Statistics Division of the Department of Labour is responsible for collecting, analyzing and compiling of statistical data pertaining to employment, wages, hours of work ect. and also this division attends to tabulation of various Administrative Records as well as computation of Wage Rate Indices. These data are collected by conducting two major surveys annually and bi-annually.

(1)Surveys conducting by this Division

  • Annual Employment Survey Sri Lanka
  • The Survey on Hours of Actually Worked & Average Earnings

(2)Other Important Activities

  • Computation of Index Numbers for main Sectors of the Economy
  • Computation of Minimum Wage Rate Indices based monthly minimum wages fixed by the Commissioner General of Labour under the Wages Boards Ordinance
  • Preparing Statistical Annual Reports & Publications
  • Annual Employment Survey Report
  • Hours of Actually Worked & Average Earnings Report
  • Labour Statistics of Sri Lanka
  • Data release regularly to ,
  • Department of Census and Statistics
  • Central Bank of Sri Lanka

(3)Other Duties

  • To assist the Ministry and the Department for conducting Surveys, compilation and dissemination of Labour Statistics
  • Maintenance of new registration information of Establishments, which are ready to contribute EPF covering all Assistant Labour Commissioner divisions of the country.

Service to Public

Statistical information related to Labour may be provided by making a request.

Contact Details

Deputy Director :(+94)112676114

Fax :(+94)112676114

Statistician :(+94)112676113

Statistical Officers :(+94)112676112

Email : labourst@sltnet.lk

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