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Trade Unions Branch

This Unit Is Established With The Purpose Of Perform the Duties and Functions assigned to the "Trade Union Registrar" Under the Trade Union Ordinance.

Activities of the Union

  • Registration of New Trade Unions.
  • Updating works related to the registered Trade Unions.
  • Dissolutions of Trade Unions.
  • Cancellations of Trade Unions.
  • Amalgamation of Trade Union.
  • Provision to data & Information related to the Trade Unions.

Service Provided to the Public

  • Provision of Instruction and guidance required for registration of New Trade Unions.
  • Provision of Instruction and guidance required while operating the Trade Union. As well as the registration of changes and Updating of the Trade Unions.
  • Provision of guidance making awareness among Officials and members of Trade Unions as per situations arise.
  • Provision of Data & Information's related to the Trade Unions as per request.

Application Forms related to the Division

Forms Application
1) "B" - (Labor - C.3 ) Application for registration of Trade Union
2) "G" - (Labor - C.35 ) Notice on the change of Name
3) "H" - (Labor - C.36 ) Notice of Amalgamation of Trade Union
4) "I" - (Labor - C.37 ) Notice of dissolution
5) "J" - (Labor - C.38 ) Notice of change of office
6) "K" - (Labor - C.39 ) Application for registration of New ruler and alteration of ruler
7) "L" - (Labor - C.40 ) Notice of the change of officers
8) "N" - (Labor - C.41 ) Annual reports

Contact Information

Assistant Commissioner of Labour - +94112369646

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