First and Second Efficiency Bar Examination for Assistant Commissioner of Labour(Departmental) Executive Service Category - 2018

It has been planned to be held First Efficiency Bar Examination for Assistant Commissioner of Labour (Departmental) Executive Service category in the department of Labour through, National Institute of Labour Studies, in May 2018. Officers should apply for these examinations according to their Grades.


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01.Examination procedure

1.1First Efficiency Bar Examination (For Officers in Grade III)


Question Paper


Total Marks

Pass Mark

(i) Law

3 papers -

Each paper will be of 3 hours



(ii) Administration

3 hours



(iii)(a) Economics or

(b) Sociology

3 hours



(iv) English

3 hours



1.1.2 Syllabus of the Examination

Question Paper


(i)Law (consist of 3 papers)

Paper I - Constitutional Law and Administrative Law

(i)The Structure of the Constitution of Sri Lanka with historical Development and the Second Republic Constitution.

(ii) The Executive, President of Republic, Cabinet of Ministers and the Prime Minister, Central Government Departments and the Public Service.

(iii) Administration of Justice

(iv) Judicial Control over Administration

(v) Directive Principals of the State Policy and Fundermental Duties.

(vi) Delegated legislations

(vii) Liability of the state and the public Authorities

(viii) Fundermental Rights

Paper II - The legal System of Sri Lanka

(i) The legal history of Sri Lanka

(ii) The Organization of the Courts

(iii) The Courts Ordinance (Chapter - 06)

(iv) The Act of No 44 of 1971 Administration of Justice

Paper III - Criminal Law and Evidence Law

(i) The penal Code

(ii)The Evidence ordinance

Note: A candidate will be required to obtain 35% in each paper and average of 40%

(ii) Administration

(i) Office and field organization and methods

(ii) The Establishment Code chapters


Note: A candidate will be required to obtain 40%

(ii) (a) Economics or

(b) Sociology

(i) Principles of Economic with special reference to the theories of Value, Production and Distribution

(ii) Finance, Financial matters, Financial Theories.

(iii) Economic Structure of Sri Lanka

(i) Social stricture, organization and functions

(ii) Human Relationships and groupings

(iii) Kinship, marriage and the family

(iv) Rural and Urban Society

(v) Social Control

(vi) Culture, religion, morals and values

Note: A candidate will be required to obtain 40%

(iv) English

  1. Listening and speaking skills
  2. General Greeting introductions
  3. Giving and Getting information
  4. Advising, Suggesting and expressing opinions
  5. Describing Events and Situations
  6. Telephone Skills
  7. Interviewing Skills
  8. Meeting
  9. Listening and Note Taking Skills
  1. English Grammar
  2. Tense and Numbers
  3. Sentences

(Simple/Compound/Complex/Compound Complex)

  • Relative Clauses
  • Reported Speech
  • Adjectives and adverbs
  • Determiners
  • Prepositions
  1. Writing Skills
  2. Internal modes of Communication
  3. Formal Correspondence Skills
  4. Writing Descriptions/Explanations
  5. Summary Writing Skills
  6. Report Writing Skills
  7. Meeting Minutes/Agendas/Invitations
  8. Comprehension
  1. Reading Skills
  2. Reading and understanding the specific and general meaningof a printing text;
  3. Reading and Interpretation (Verbal/Writing)
  4. Understanding the cohesion and Coherence of a passage

02. Forwarding of Application.

Applicants who wish to appear for this Examination should prepare the application form appended at the end of this notification, using both sides of A4 size paper in such a manner that para Nos-01-05 on one side and remaining paras on the other side. The application form so prepared should, with the recommendation of the immediate supervisory officer, be forwarded to reach the Commissioner General of Labour on or before 26thof April 2018. The term “First Efficiency Bar Examinations for Assistant Commissioner of Labour (Departmental) Executive Service category - May 2018” should be indicated on the top left hand corner of the envelope containing the application. Applications received after that date will rejected.

03. Examination fee

Examination fee will be charged as follows from all the other candidates except those who appear the examination for the first time.

  • For one subject Rs. 500/-
  • For more than one subject Rs. 1000/-

04. Payment of Examination Fee.

Examination fee should, before closing date of applications, be credited to Account No 0071451995 of Bank of Ceylon at Pelawatta branch, held by the name of Director General, National Institute of Labour Studies. The cash receipt obtained for payment of examination fee should be firmly pasted on the specified place on the application. (Keeping a photocopy of the cash receipt with the candidate would be useful.)

05. Qualifications to appear for examination

Having read the notification carefully, you should submit all the completed information on or before the due date. Applications which are not conform to the requirements of this notification or not forwarded on or before the due date will be rejected.

06.Admission to the Examination and issuance of Admission cards.

The Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration will issue Admission Cards and time tables to all the applicants who have fulfilled the qualifications.

07.No any travelling expenses, combined allowance or settling- in allowance will be paid for coming to appear for the examination.


Date :09/04/2018

A. Wimalaweera

Commissioner General of Labour(Actg.)


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