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Employees' Provident Fund

For Employees:

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        ~Retirement~                                  ~Getting Married~                         ~Medical Causes~

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~Pensionable Service~      ~Migrating Abroad~             ~Restructuring~                     ~Death~

For Employers:

Registration and Re-registration of Employees


Payment of 30% Pre-benefits from Employees' Provident Fund

Issuing Guarantee Certificate for Housing Loans

Industrial Relations

Taking action an Industrial Disputes

Giving Instructions on payment of Gratuity and taking action on Complaints on Gratuity

Carrying out of Inspections on a Complaint made by an employee on Termination of his Employment

Industrial Safety

Registration of Factories

Notifying on Accidents

Trade Union

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~Registration~               ~Update~          ~Dissolution~   ~Change Constitution~   ~Change Address~ ~Change Officers~ 

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