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Island wide Establishment Level Competition On Social Dialogue and Workplace Cooperation – 2017

Evaluation Criteria

1)     Social Dialogue Practices

1.1        Collective agreements

1.2        Trade unions/ Employee Councils

1.3        Employer- Employee meetings

1.4        Societies/ Associations

1.5        Obtaining Proposals and ideas of employee

1.6        Communication Methods

1.7        Job security

1.8        Grievance management methods

2)     Methods of employee performance evaluation.

2.1       Selection of best employee

2.2       Measures taken to encourage employee attendance

2.3       Employee awards and evaluation methods

2.4       Benefits entitled to employees

3)      Welfare activities.

3.1       Welfare Facilities for the employees in the establishment

3.2       Welfare services for the family of the employee

4)      Productivity and Management methodologies in the establishment.

5)      Awards received by the establishment.

5.1       Social dialogue and Workplace Cooperation awards received by the establishment

5.2       Awards received by the employees

5.3       Productivity awards received by the establishment

5.4       Entrepreneurship awards received by the establishment

5.5       Quality Certificates/ awards received by the establishment

6)      Social Welfare Services.

7)      Employee hygiene and safety within the workplace premises.

7.1       Safety Committees

7.2       Safety measures used in an emergency

7.3       Safety within the Workplace premises and method of using chemicals

7.4       Hygiene

8)      Employment of women, Children and disabled persons.

9)      Production of the establishment and promotion of income.

10)  Industrial Relation Information

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