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  • ඕස්ට්‍රේලියානු ආධාර ශිෂ්‍යත්ව වැඩසටහන පිලිබඳ දැනුවත් කිරීමේ වැඩසටහන - 2020
    (Details of the Scholarship)
10.03.2020 alt
  • 2020 KOICA Scholarship Program for Master's Degree, Korea
28.02.2020 alt
  • Good Practices in Improving Labour Migration Management for Promoting Decent Work From 08th to 19th June 2020 - Thailand
13.03.2020 alt
  • Upcoming Trainings under the India Technical Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Scholarship Scheme of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India for the Months of December to March 2020
ASAP alt

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