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Outdated Scholarships
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Please Send your application along with other Essential Informaton to Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Trade Union Relations, Narahenpita, Colombo-05, Sri Lanka. | For further information contact us on (+94)11 2368609 (Senior Asst.Secretary-Foreign Relations)

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Closing Date Details
  • Australian Awards Scholarships (AAS) - Intake for Academic Year 2019
30.04.2018 alt
  • 2 Year Graduate Course in Fisheries from September 2018 to August 2020, Korea
05.04.2018 alt
  • Master's Degree Program on Urban Administration and Planning (MAUP) from August 2018 to August 2020, Korea
02.04.2018 alt
  • Moving towards SDGs via Corporate Social Responsibility and sufficiency Economy Philosophy from 09th to 21st July 2018, Thailand


  • Master's Degree - "Flood Disaster Risk Reduction" from 30 September 2018 - 13 September 2019 | Japan
26.03.2018 alt
  • 2018 KOICA Scholarship Program for Master's Degree
12.03.2018 alt
  • International Programme on Management, Kasetsart University Bangkok
09.03.2018 alt
  • Korean Government Scholarships for Master's Degree Programmes (2018 NIIED GKS-KGSP) by KDI School- Korea
05.03.2018 alt
  • Integration of Sufficiency Economy for Empowerment on Mobilizing Sustainable Development from 11th to 29th June 2018, Thailand




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